The Analytical Science behind CrossFit Games 2017


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CrossFit Games took place from August 3rd to 6th, in Madison (Wisconsin), leaving behind many years and memories from Carson (California), a placement that seemed to not satisfy in the beginning to the most devoted,  mainly because of the changing weather from the new location. However, finally, the show and explosion of emotions of the competition from the great athletes made that Madison won the hearts of everyone, devoted and novices, and at the closure of the Games everyone present, Conento among them, were just thinking in coming next year.

Like we did in previous articles of Open Games and Regionals, we are going to present the results analysis of the 39 men and 40 women who competed as Individuals in the 2017 CrossFit Games, in which the winner is considered “the fittest man / woman on Earth”.

We should point out that as we have less volume of data, compared to what we managed in the Open or Regionals studies, the conclusions regarding the variables of age, height and weight, are less significant than they were in the previous competitions analyzed. As it is shown at the global data below. Although in each event one variable favours to some more than others, we can state that, in global, regarding the athletes from world championship, the variables of age, height and weight, practically do not have impact with the results of the championship.

Global Results


One curiosity of our analysis, and this speaks of how the mind of the events creators operates, is the time distribution of the championship events and the evenly-matched time results between men and women. We can see that the longest events took place on the first day of the competition (Run Swim Run or Cyclocross), followed by medium duration events (Strongman’s fear or Heavy 17.5), combined with events of high intensity and short duration, like Assault Banger or Fibonacci Final.

Time Comparison among Events


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Deepening in the detail of each event, we can see how the first one “Run Swim Run” that took place outdoors and in which the athletes must complete 1.5 miles running, 500 meters swimming and 1.5 miles running back at the stadium under heavy rain, did not have much difference in time and results among the top 10 athletes of men and women.

However, the opposite happened in the next long event, “Cyclocross” circuit also an outdoor one, in which the results between men and women shows a wide difference, though with a parallel trend.

The first event inside the Coliseum, Amanda enriched up to 45 repetitions, shows how the balance in the top 10 results become distorted in the last ranking positions.


Analytics powered by Conento

There are two events that proof a perfect event scaling for men and women, showing the correlation between time and results:

  • Strongman’s Fear was not so fearful for the girls, who ended with practically similar times than the men.
  • Or Heavy 17.5, a WoD extracted from the Open with 10 rounds of 9 thrusters, in this occasion heavier than in the Open, and 35 double-under jump ropes, although the fact that athletes have already tested this workout before, maybe also helped that their times were similar for men and women.

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However, it was in two indoor events of the last day of competition where we appreciate the level of rivalry among women in relation to men’s competition.

As the spectacular event “Madison triplet”, inspired in the countryside and rural habits of the area, did not help to determine the female final classification, the last two WoDs turned into a fierce battle to win. Proof of that is that top 10 women times are even better than men’s. Specially, the last event, an invention called Fibonacci that only one male athlete completed… and he was not Fraser, who by that time was already the 2017 winner. Tia-Clair Toomey suffered until the end, with Kara Webb sticked to her until the latest deadlift of 124 pounds of this event. The competition could not end with a more thrilling final.

Conento was there, living the 2017 CrossFit Games, and we could enjoy real time this great competition; this analysis helps ourselves to understand the greatness of CrossFit and all those feelings experienced in Madison.

We are going to continue our analytical duty about the CrossFit world, keep in touch to stay up to date of our articles and studies. Write us to


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